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Walter: ‘Our fleet is immense, full of challenges. As manager, I’m proud of it’

Sometimes, it does no harm to have a fresh wind blow through the organization. For the past year, that has been the role of Walter Lulofs at Meeus. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, he is no stranger to the world of transport. And now those years of experience are bearing fruit: it’s not only the fleet, but also Walter himself we can see blossoming!

Positivity fits Walter like a glove: ‘I think my job is fabulous, I really like my work! We have our own workshop, where every day, our seven mechanics work on our 800 vehicles. That works out at 100 units per mechanic. That scared me at first, but we can handle it!’

A look round the workshop

As Manager, it is Walter’s task to make sure everything runs smoothly. ‘In the first place, coordination with the planners is very important. If they know which vehicles are scheduled for maintenance, they can take account of that in their planning and we in the workshop can get the maintenance done on time’. But that is by no means all that Walter is responsible for. ‘I’m also in charge of purchasing for our workshop. What does most of our expenditure go on? How can we make better deals on price? I enter into negotiations with our suppliers so that we can reach agreement on quality, efficiency and cost. What’s funny is that in my previous job, I sat at the table as a supplier to major companies like Meeus…but now I am seeing things from the other side of the fence!’

Fresh outlook

It is this fresh outlook which means that Walter is bursting with ideas. ‘I’m new here. I can see only positive challenges. I believe that my fresh outlook can add value. We have our own workshop, equipped with the latest technology. Because we stay completely up to date, you can see that our workshop team is self-supporting. We want to minimize downtime on the road. No trucks with flat tyres on the hard shoulders of the French motorways. By carrying out preventative maintenance, we want to make sure that doesn’t happen. We keep up with all the latest developments, and you never get tired of that. My job is very varied, really great!’

Everything under one roof

As a people manager, Walter is also jointly responsible for ensuring a good working atmosphere in the fleet. ‘I am proud of the mechanics I work with. We work together about nine hours a day, so it has to be enjoyable. I like to be clear for the staff about how we are doing: if we’re heading left, then we’re not going to turn right halfway down the road. I don’t see roadblocks ahead, I see challenges. I’m enthusiastic and notice that such a mentality is infectious. What you put in, is what you get back out. We put our heart and soul into our work, and always round off the week together’. Walter is proud to be able to work on behalf of Meeus. ‘It is such a great company. At Meeus we can do anything, we have practically everything under one roof and that is a tremendous asset’.