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Tinus: ‘After more than 25 years, I still go to work every day with a smile on my face’

Tinus de Waal is familiar to us from his job on the cross-dock at Meeus Transport. In this role, he fulfils an important function in the logistic process. For more than 25 years, Tinus has been responsible for converting incoming goods into consignments ready for dispatch. He is also the spider in the web connecting office staff to shop-floor workers. That makes him a vital link in our company. Tinus takes you on his Meeus Transport journey. A journey packed with exceptional highlights.

Special skills

Tinus describes his work as special. ‘We have other departments where they can easily load twenty standard pallets. But here, we can be faced with all sorts of pallets, with different formats and fittings. It makes our job very varied. You never know what to expect! You really need experience in this job. You can only learn this trade by doing it – a lot’. Tinus learned his trade almost at his mother’s knee! ‘In those days, getting a job at Meeus often happened via-via, it started as a family company, after all. I got my first job here through my uncle. He was my supervisor on the shop-floor, and a good one at that. I worked long into the evenings to learn my trade’. That Tinus is now a master of his trade is a credit to his determination.

In the footsteps of…

What does an average working day for Tinus at Meeus look like? ‘There is a good variety of things that crop up regularly. From loading and unloading lorries to juggling with items which need to be sent out’. He does this with the help of office staff, with whom he works closely. ‘I can sometimes get twenty phone calls a day from the planners, and it’s up to me to make sure everything runs efficiently, with no mistakes’. Why is this teamwork so flawless? ‘We get on with the job, and with each other! If something needs doing, there’s no time for messing about. We just get on with it. That’s why we always get on so well with each other. There’s no spite or malice. Of course, we’ll occasionally have words and sometimes it can be hectic, but above all, we work well together’.


Those times when you are faced with exceptional pressure at work – those are the times Tinus describes as some of his highlights at Meeus. ‘At busy times, I have sometimes had to do jobs alone which we would normally do with three or four people. One day, I loaded 27 trucks and unloaded another 18. I sat on the fork-lift literally the whole day. And in between, got about 40 phone calls from the planners. So, you can imagine that if you can pull off something like that, you feel really proud! Fortunately, it was just the one day, otherwise I would have had to be carted off in a straitjacket. But it does win you compliments!’


Tinus still feels proud every day to be able to work for Meeus. ‘It’s not just having a job that I really enjoy, it’s also having colleagues who make every day different. Sometimes I get calls at home from colleagues who can’t find something they need. I don’t mind being disturbed for questions, whatever the time: I’m available 24/7 for Meeus. You only do that if you really enjoy your work. I genuinely have a great time there!’ Does Tinus have ambitions for the future? ‘As long as I can go to work every day with a smile on my face, then as far as I am concerned we don’t need to change a thing!’