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Rogier: ‘Meeus has exceptional ambition’

Ask Rogier Groeneweg about his vision of Meeus Transport and he will mention words such as ambition, integrity and progressiveness. Rogier, born in Dordrecht, has been delighted to be able to call himself a member of the team since joining Meeus in Bergen op Zoom in 2019. As Business Analyst, Rogier is first point of contact for anything relating to the Transport System. Anything, ranging from colleagues with problems, to queries from Management – and offering to help customers who are experiencing difficulties. He sees himself as the spider in the web of the entire operation.

Ambitious in time of crisis

Rogier: ‘The great thing about the Meeus business is the level of ambition within the team. It’s enormous. At Meeus, we have a relatively small team, but that actually creates many advantages. Everybody is fully involved in all developments, and lines of communication are short. That means we can move quickly, without first having dozens of managers chipping in with their opinions on a possible decision’. Rogier mentions, for example, the current Corona crisis, which has also had its effect on Meeus. Rogier: ‘Working from home was pretty much unknown in the company. Suddenly, we had to change gear. In no time flat, 40 laptops were sourced and had all the necessary software and systems installed. At times like that, the IT Department works through evenings and weekends to get everything ready as quickly as possible. It’s great that at times like these, we can move quickly. And that everybody is prepared to put their best foot forward’.

‘We’re in this together’

According to Rogier, it’s the ability to react so quickly which means there is a high energy level in the company. Rogier: ‘Everybody is involved in the business. For example, IT staff contribute to thinking about the services offered by the company, and how they could be improved in the future. Sometimes, management sets specific challenges for us. Recently I was given the message, ‘Bring in the first order from that customer, and we’ll give you a packet of stroopwafel cookies!’’ Laughing: ‘So you see: at a moment like that, I really want to make it happen. In fact, that challenge was far from easy – but when after eighteen months of hard graft you finally succeed and have the stroopwafels in your hand, you feel really proud. You really feel it is a team effort. With everybody contributing’.

Like so many other businesses, a transport company creaks and groans in time of crisis. But, Rogier confirms: Meeus maintains its integrity. Crisis or no crisis. Rogier: ‘That’s a real strong point of Meeus, in my view. People here believe it is really important to meet our commitments. That’s exactly why customers choose us, they know precisely where they stand when they enter into business with Meeus. All of our staff have a strong feeling of responsibility for getting the job done properly. Meeus is progressive and likes to keep up with technological developments in the market. Even in time of crisis. Or better: precisely because there’s a crisis. And that means it’s a real joy for me to be part of it all!’