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Margreet: ‘When we do something well as a team, we get a real kick out of it’

Honest, open and straightforward. Ask Margreet Alleman about her employer Meeus Transport and that will be her reply. In her own opinion, she fits perfectly in an organization where people are truly open and the Customer really is King.

Transport versus hospitality

Margreet studied Hospitality and worked in a hotel for years. Until she had children, and the working hours in that industry no longer suited her. So, she decided to make the switch to the world of transport. That might sound like a drastic change, but according to Margreet, that’s absolutely not the case. Margreet: ‘The funny thing is that there are so many similarities between the work I do now, and what I used to do. At Meeus, I’m in Customer Service, i.e. keeping our customers happy. Exactly what you have to do in a hotel, except there you call them ‘guests’. My mission has always been to provide everyone with the best of the best. And that’s no different here’.
And there you have what – for Margreet – is top priority at Meeus. Margreet: ‘‘At Meeus, the customer is at the heart of everything. That may sound obvious, but you still have to make it happen. Our customers often receive replies to their e-mails within just a few minutes. We believe that this kind of speedy reaction is part of our service. And in my opinion, we excel at it. So, we do absolutely everything for the customer – everything possible, that is! If a customer tells me that a delivery is urgent, I start work on it straight away. Simply because we want our customers to be happy with Meeus. That’s what I like so much about my job: being able to make people happy’.


But, Margreet confirms, she doesn’t do it alone. ‘At Meeus, we really work as a team. We experience our adventure together. You realize it every time there’s a performance review meeting. When we can wrap everything up successfully, you feel a real high in the team. We’ve pulled it off again! We’re quite a mixed bag of people working at Meeus Transport, but everybody approaches the business in the same way: we’re an open unit, where everyone can speak their mind. Personally, I find it a fine environment to work in. Everybody is straightforward. And so we can achieve great results’.