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Kees: ‘At Meeus, we laugh when we can and work hard when we need to’

Kees Schijven from Etten-Leur has very much enjoyed working for the last three years or so at Meeus Transport, which he describes as ‘one big family’. The fact that there is such low staff turnover at Meeus just confirms, as far as Kees Schijven is concerned, that Meeus is a good employer. An employer people want to work for.
Kees: “If I had to describe the DNA of Meeus Transport…the first thing that comes to mind is the family feeling. Every member of staff has that feeling of belonging. And that shines out of the organization, in my view. There is little staff turnover, either amongst the drivers or in the warehouse. To my mind, that’s a great compliment for an organisation’.

A new puzzle every day

As Head of Planning, no two days are the same for Kees. ‘Although we have introduced a lot of automation in the Meeus Group in recent years, this is still a job that needs people. I see every day as a new puzzle. Every day, there are new bumps on the road and the pieces of the jigsaw have to be put in place. Think, for example, of a truck which is late setting off; a vehicle broken down; a delivery address where unloading isn’t fast enough. But it is precisely that dynamic which I like so much about my job. If I had to do the same thing every day, and could predict today what my Monday morning in five years’ time would look like, I would be unhappy’.

Challenge and ambition

Kees often likes to add his thoughts about the future, and the challenges facing Meeus Transport. Kees: ’Here, there is always room for discussion. Everybody’s opinions and visions are appreciated, even if they can’t all be acted upon. Look, if the philosophy of the company is that we should all go left, then you may well personally want to turn right, but that won’t work. But even in that case, at least your voice will be heard. That’s the fine thing, everybody here can be true to him or herself. At Meeus, we laugh when we can and work hard when we need to. I think that’s a good summary of the drive and atmosphere in this business’.