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Geoffrey: ‘Meeus Transport immediately felt like one big family’

Geoffrey De Pauw was just 21 when he made his entrance at Meeus Transport. 34 years down the road, he has plenty of experiences and stories to relate. And he talks with passion about the company that for him, feels just like home.

He remembers it as if it were yesterday: the day he was invited to an interview at Meeus in Bergen op Zoom. Geoffrey: ‘Really, it was just chance that I ended up there after seeing an advert in the free newspaper, the Bergse Bode. They were looking for someone who spoke French. Because my father used to work abroad a lot, I spent much of my youth living in other countries. So, the French language was no problem for me’. When he started, it was like joining a family. Geoffrey: ‘Meeus is, of course, a family company: but it also really felt like a family’.

The warmth of a family business

Geoffrey still also remembers well his first encounter. ‘When Do Meeus heard that I came from Belgium, he wondered out loud how I had ended up in Bergen op Zoom. “There must be a girl involved’, he joked. Not realizing that I was gay. That was 34 years ago, when things weren’t as open as they are today. Luckily, we could both laugh at his mistake’.

Progressive in transport

Geoffrey began his career at Meeus Transport as Assistant Planner. Later, he moved to Domestic Planning, Import Planning, then Export Planning and today he supervises deliveries for French customers. A diversity of experience which means that he knows exactly what sort of business Meeus is. Geoffrey: ‘If I had to describe it…I’d call Meeus a sound company. We like to think along with our clients. That sounds logical, but it doesn’t just go without saying. I remember that we once developed a whole drum-filling line, with our own drum-filling equipment, for our customer Cargill. That’s why I can confidently call Meeus an innovative company. We are constantly thinking about development and the future. That’s what makes it so rewarding to work here. That, and of course the warm, family atmosphere. One of the great things about the company is that people genuinely care about each other. We all work towards a good end product for our customers, and we really do it as a team. And that is great!’