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Temperature-controlled distribution

Transporting chilled or heated products

In transporting some goods, such as frozen or fresh produce, it is vital that the cool chain is maintained from beginning to end. And for chemical products, strict transportation rules also often apply. Our staff at Meeus Transport understand better than anyone the importance of temperature-controlled transport. So we take account of all your needs: we make it possible to transport at temperatures ranging from -20 to +25 degrees Celsius, depending on the requirements of your product.

Do you have chilled or heated products which need to be transported to or from France? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Together, we’ll find the best way to reach your destination!

Kees explains

Kees, Head of Planning, confirms that temperature-controlled transport poses no problems for Meeus Transport: ‘But although we have introduced a lot of automation in the Meeus Group in recent years, this is still a job that needs people. I see every day as a new puzzle. Every day, there are new bumps on the road and the pieces of the jigsaw have to be put in place. We always think along with our customers, including, of course, when it concerns temperature-controlled transport.’

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