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Storage and cross-docking

Storage and cross-docking at Meeus Transport

As well as arranging your transport to and from France, our staff at Meeus Transport in Bergen op Zoom will be happy to help you with storage and cross-docking of your goods. Cross-docking is carried out in co-operation with our sister company Mepavex Logistics. We have over 180,000 m2 of storage capacity.

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As Export Planner, Geoffrey is in contact with practically everybody in the company. In his work, he has made helping people his personal mission. According to him, everybody is welcome at Meeus Transport, ‘We like to think along with our clients. That sounds logical, but it doesn’t just go without saying. I remember that we once developed a whole drum-filling line, with our own drum-filling equipment, for our customer Cargill. That’s why I can confidently call Meeus an innovative company.’

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