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The founding of Meeus Transport

What do you do, when you find out that the farm produce you bought hardly ever gets to its destination on time? Then you don’t only buy the produce, you also buy the lorry and drive it there yourself, right? That’s not a fairytale, it’s the founding of Meeus Transport!
Back to the beginning. It is 1933, and A.P. Meeus has taken over his parents’ farm business. The family is focused on trading in cherries. But when A.P. notices that his produce from Sint Truiden in Belgium hardly ever gets to market in Breda on time, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Besides buying his usual load of cherries, he also buys the truck they are being loaded onto. And he soon comes to realize that transporting the cherries pays better than trading in the cherries themselves. And so it came to pass….

Meeus in World War II 

A solid basis for a blossoming transport company is soon in place. But it’s not all sweetness and light. During the Second World War, Meeus’ fleet of vehicles is confiscated by the Germans. After the Occupation, a fresh start is made – with just one vehicle.

Establishment of Meeus France S.A.R.L.

Increasingly, goods are being transported on a large scale. In 1963, the first loads for Bruynzeel Kitchens are delivered. From Bergen op Zoom, to IJlst in Friesland. Meeus Transport grows in tandem with the industry, both nationally and internationally. In 1965, Meeus opens its first company in France, headed up by a French manager. This turns out to be the basis for what Meeus Transport still is today: a carrier to and from France.

A new location for Meeus Transport: the Theodorushaven

Following the arrival of son Do Meeus as the new owner of Meeus Transport, there is a move to a new location: the Theodorushaven in Bergen op Zoom. This Industrial Area is booming, attracting large companies such as Cargill, General Electric and Akzo Coatings. When Do Meeus hears that he won’t be allowed to establish his business on the new industrial area because his is a service company, he decides to expand the business…and Mepavex Logistics is born. A company focussed on storage and cross-docking of goods.

Takeover of DARVI Transport

In 1987, a great opportunity presents itself: the company DARVI Transport is put up for sale. Another great chance for Do Meeus to expand his Meeus Group. So now Meeus Transport can focus on France, and DARVI on the Benelux.

Takeover of Hartog & Bikker

In 1997, family company Hartog & Bikker has only one potential successor in the family, but when that son decides the business isn’t for him, another opportunity presents itself for Meeus. On 11 November 1997 Hartog & Bikker, based in Vuren, joins the Meeus Group.

Establishment of Markiezaat Container Terminal

In 2006, a new challenge awaits the Meeus Group: the establishment of the Markiezaat Container Terminal. This means that Mepavex Logistics can take advantage of a site which is perfectly located between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Establishment of Meeus Freight Management

Increasingly, staff at Meeus Transport hear that there is a requirement for wider geographical coverage. So Meeus Freight Management is set up. This arm of Meeus Transport can be used for carriage to European countries other than France.

Purchase of 14 hectares of land

With the purchase of an additional 14 hectares, Meeus in now in possession of a total of 40 hectares of land in Bergen op Zoom. This is the last available plot of land in the Theodorushaven industrial area.

Acquisition by H.Essers

In 2021, Meeus Transport agrees to a takeover by H.Essers. Toon Meeus, representative of the third generation of the family, leaves the business and hands over responsibility to the Belgian service provider. The name ‘Meeus Transport’ will continue to be used.