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About Meeus Transport

The pride of a transport company

Ask people at Meeus Transport about their work, and a great sense of pride immediately jumps out. Pride at the blue, beating heart of their Dutch logistics hotspot. How many people can honestly say that going to work feels like coming home? Ask a Meeus colleague, and there’s the answer!

This stems from the family background of Meeus Transport: from 1933, the transport company in Bergen op Zoom was in the ownership of the Meeus family, which developed it into one of the major players in the European transport sector. Nowadays, the pride of its employees is still in evidence. And their ambition too: in our business, we are firmly committed to quality and sustainability.

Transport to and from France

France is the original ‘home port’ of Meeus Transport. A country where baguettes and a glass of good vin rouge are more important than political inclination; a country to which our drivers have for decades been happy to travel.

In the back-office, we continually look to see how we can make our processes even better and more sustainable. In the course of that, we decided some years ago to join forces with our French partner Évolutrans. They ensure that our drivers can unload goods at central locations. And the result? A faster, better and more sustainable service for our customers.

Sustainability, quality, safety

Ask people at Meeus Transport and they will all agree: we need to look after our planet. So sustainability is high on our list of priorities. We have already made good progress in this area.